Hermann Minkowski


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Hermann Minkowski

Born in 1864, Lithuania, died in 1909 Göttingen, Germany

Minkowski studied in Königsberg, one of the famous places in the history of mathematics, and received his doctorate there. He lectured at Bonn, Königsberg, and Zurich, and Einstein attended lectures on few courses that he gave. Minkowski got a chair at Göttingen, where he remained until the end of his life.

Some of his work was related to non-Euclidean space, and one of the most interesting concepts that he developed was a four-dimensional space-time continuum. His other achievement was his 'geometry of numbers'. Within this field he was studying convex bodies and their ways of 'packing'.

The picture of Minkowski that you see on your left is from the time when he was still a teenager. There are some other famous 'mathematical' children to be found here.

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