Ada Lovelace


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Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace

Born 1815 Piccadilly, died 1852 London

Ada was the daughter of the famous English poet Lord Byron. Her parents however, separated when Ada was only a month old, and she never saw her father again. When he died in Greece, Ada was only eight years old.

Her mother encouraged her to study mathematics, and even during her first court appearance, when she was seventeen, she talked about mathematics only to Charles Babbage, and later visited him with her mother to inspect his famous analytical machine.

Ada was married to William King, Count of Lovelace when she was twenty and by the time she was twenty-six she had three children and her advanced study in mathematics had begun. She wrote on Babbage's analytical machine but published only as 'AAL'.


Ada was an adorable child. See her picture here and the pictures of some other famous 'mathematical' children.

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Charles Babbage is to be found here.

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