Kurt Gödel


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Kurt Gödel

(pictured here with his good friend Albert Einstein)

Was born 1906 in Brno, Czech Republic, and died in 1978 in Princeton, USA

Gödel was extremely intelligent and self-sufficient even when he was a very young child. He contracted rheumatic fever as a six year old, and by the age of eight he had ready enough medical books and journals to find out that this could have led to him having a weak heart as a possible complication.

By 1929 he submitted his doctoral thesis at the University of Vienna, and became a lecturer there the next year. At the time he was only just 24.

Gödel is best known for his Incompleteness Theorem. The theorem states that in any axiomatic system there are propositions that cannot be proved or disproved within the axioms of the system. See about Euclid's Elements to find more about axioms and propositions.



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