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Maurits Cornelis Escher (1898-1972)

Escher was not a mathematician, but one of the most famous graphical artists of the modern age. However, his art was closely related to the development of mathematics.

Escher was born in Arnhem and finished both primary and secondary school there. He later wrote that he was

"extremely poor at arithmetic and algebra because I had, and still have, great difficulty with the abstractions of numbers and letters. [But] later, in stereometry [solid geometry taught on the continent with the help of 'descritive geometry'] an appeal was made to my imagination..."

We all know what happened following that. Escher's imagination went around the worlds and dimensions that we don't usually think of, or imagine. And through his talent, his art allowed him to tell us all about his travels in these new dimensions.





Use this PowerPoint Presentation to guide yourself through the process of making an Escher tessellation.

See some web pages about Escher and his art:

Commercial site- good to know if you want to reproduce any of his images and need to ask for a permission.

Principles of Escher's art explained.

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