Ancient Egyptian Numerals


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These numerals are written in hyeroglyphic script. Ancient Egyptians also used hieratic script. In both cases, they wrote from right to left, as Arabs do today.

Egyptians used different notation for their fractions (unit fractions). Click here to see a page on Egyptian fractions.



Topics on Egyptian mathematics

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Rhynd and Moscow Papiri

Unit Fractions

Eye of Horus Fractions

Dyadic multiplication

An Egyptian scribe from the Fourth Dynasty. The word scribe is applied to clerks, copyists and, more importantly, to the class of bureaucratic officials on whom the whole Egyptian system was based. They were an elite who passed their profession from father to son. Scribes were very powerful, or so we think now, as the popularity of the scribe statues overtakes popularity of any other statues apart from god forms.



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