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The Maths is Good for You website is developed around the mathematics syllabus for 11-16 year olds in England and Wales. You can still find lots of material that you can use if you don't follow this syllabus. However, if you are a teacher or a pupil who would like to have a list of all topics for these years, follow the links to see what is on offer.

Year 7 (11/12 year olds)

Year 8 (12/13 year olds)

Year 9 (13/14 year olds)

Year 10 & 11 (14/15/16 year olds)

Year 12 & 13 (16-18 year olds, pre-university courses)


You can also go to the index, or home page, which has the links to major sections of the site, or see the topics page, or climb up the mathematical tree to explore the site.



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