Some Famous Solved Problems in the History of Mathematics


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The development of mathematics is one long of succession of defining, and trying to solve, problems. Some of them have been solved, but some haven't. You can see a page on unsolved problems here...

But this page is about some of the most famous solved problems.

  1. Click here to find out about 23 problems of Hilbert.
  2. Find about Fermat's famous Last Theorem, and Andrew Wiles who solved it.
  3. Finally, find out about the Russian mathematician Perelman and what he did with the Poincaré's Conjecture.




See a page about some famous theorems and conjectures, or about some of the famous solved problems from the history of mathematics.

Hilbert posed some 23 mathematical problems back in 1900. Some of them have been solved, but some haven't. Learn about them and try to solve them, and if you succeed, you may become very famous and very wealthy!

Learn more about Hilbert by clicking on his picture.

Of course, the most famous of all the theorems is Pythagoras' Theorem. Click on his picture to find more about him.



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